what is netflix

What Is Netflix ?

Entertainment is always the part of human history. We have not seen any era in our history when human did not discovered different ways to get entertained. The way of get entertain has been changed time by time. Today music, sports, games, TV, movies and film are the popular source of entertainment. In past, TV was the only source to watch TV shows while to watch latest movies, you need to go cinema or wait for DVD release to watch the movies. Purchasing DVD was not a good choice because generally we watch a movie once only, that’s why we prefer to rent the DVD because it was much cheaper and affordable way to watch movie.

Latest technology has changed the way of our life including watching latest TV shows and movies. Today, you don’t need to visit DVD rent shop to get the DVD of your favorite TV show or movies. The latest technology like Netflix has end the DVD rental services.

Netflix is a provider of internet only streaming media. Which means that, you don’t need to wait for number of hours or minutes to get the movie or TV downloaded. You can watch movie or TV show as it loads. This concept of online streaming has replaced the DVD rental services because no one likes to visit a DVD shop to rent a movie while you come up with nothing if the number of DVDs are already rented by someone else.

In start, Netflix was limited to USA only. Later they start providing their services in Australia and some popular European countries like England, Sweden, Finland, Germany, UK, Norway, Demand and Ireland etc with limited number of TV shows and movies but in the beginning of 2016, Netflix goes global by offering their services around the world. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Singapore and countries in Middle East including gulf countries, Netflix is available to everyone now.

Watch Netflix anywhere, anytime:

To watch movies and TV shows, you don’t need to have TV because its support all the multimedia devices including TV, Smartphone, gaming consoles, computer, laptop, notebooks and tablets. Which means that you can watch your favorite movie and TV shows anywhere as long as you have access of internet.

Free Netflix vs. paid:

Netflix is not a free services but they do offer free trial month to everyone who sign up for their services for the first time. The free trial version of Netflix comes up with limited TV shows and movies and you can only get this by submitting your credit card details. No, Netflix did not deduct any money until your free trial month passes. The purpose of getting your credit card details to confirm you as a valid user. You can cancel the free trial of Netflix anytime. Netflix will not change anything.

Prices and plans of Netflix:

Netflix offers different pricing plans to different people on the need of their customers. Basically their plans are divided into three as; basic, standard and premium. Their basic plan cost only $8.99 per month but this come up with very limited features like you can only watch Netflix on one device where HD is not available for those who subscribed for their basic package. Its premium package cost only $14.99 per month in which you will get all the features of Netflix like HD and Ultra HD movies and TV shows where Netflix could be watched at 4 devices at a time. All packages of Netflix included unlimited access of TV shows and movies.

How does Netflix works on TV, Smartphone and computer etc.

Netflix work different on different devices. First of all, you need to know that internet is the primary requirement of watching movies and TV shows on Netflix. They has build special applications for mobile users to watch their shows easily. You need to visit your mobile application market (i.e. Google play or Apple store)  to download Netflix application for free. Once the application installed, you can watch the TV shows by putting your login details there.

Netflix does not work different on Smart TV and computer including laptop. Simply get your device connected with internet, visit the Netflix website and watch the movies of your choice. In case if your TV is not smart and does not support internet then you can connect your laptop with your TV with the help of USB port to watch Netflix on TV screen.

You don’t need any special up-gradation to watch movies and TV shows through Netflix on your Smartphone, TV screen, Laptop, Tablet, Gaming Console and PC.

What is the recommended internet speed for Netflix:

The quality of video depends on two factors; first, the speed of your internet and second the type of package you have subscribed with. If you subscribed for SD quality of picture then does not matter how fast your internet connection is, you will only watch TV shows and movies in SD collection where HD movies will only be played smoothly if you have purchased the standard or premium package and you got high speed internet.

Netflix suggestion the following internet speed to watch their shows without buffering:

  • You need to have minimum 3 MB per second internet connection to watch SD quality
  • 5 MB per second internet speed is suggested for those who want to watch HD quality
  • The recommended speed if 25 MB per second for those who has subscribed for Ultra HD quality

So, make sure that you have the required internet speed to enjoy your favorite movie without any buffering or losing the picture quality.

Features and benefits of using Netflix:

Netflix is popular all around the world due to its number of features which was not possible before. There are many other services like Netflix is available in market but they did not get popularity like Netflix because its offer unique and new content to watch. Netflix’s features makes it different from others where its number of benefits are the main reason behind its popularity. Some of its basic benefits and features includes:

1 – Huge collection available to watch:

Netflix does not offer limited TV shows and movies. The Netflix library is full with thousands of latest shows and movies. Each of them has been categories so you can watch its easily as per your choice.

2 – No commercial during the TV shows:

No one likes to watch commercial while watching their favorite TV shows. Netflix is free from them. Watch the entire movie or TV show without any commercial or ad like its appear on YouTube.

3 – No need to wait for next episodes:

Netflix does not stream only one episode of each show once a week, but you can watch the whole TV show from first episode to last without waiting the whole week.

4 – Watch anywhere and anytime:

Netflix is not just designed for TV screens but every those device which support internet including Smartphone and tablets. You can watch movies and TV shows anywhere and anytime as long as you have access of internet.

5 – No commitment required:

Unlike other services who charged high prices even if you don’t want to take their services for a whole month, Netflix offers you a flexible plan. You can cancel their services any time, it is cheap source of entertainment while you don’t need to pay for those months in which you don’t want to watch movies and TV shows.