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Netflix 3d Movies List

netflix 3d movies
Written by ahmadmasry

Netflix 3d Movies List

Netflix allow you to watch number of 3D movies. Just like HD and Ultra HD feature, there are some movies which come up with 3D tag which means that those movies are available in 3D technology to watch.

3D movies are not new anymore. Now a days, almost every animated movie release in 3D due to its popularity in public. People like to watch movies in 3D because its make you feel that you are part of the movie. The invention of 3D movies has also raised the TV market. Soon after the 3D technology, we have seen that almost all TV manufacturer start manufacturing and selling 3D TVs. Netflix, a popular online streaming portal has also announced its 3D movie list in mid of 2013. Having the list of 3D movies on Netflix was a great news for the 3D movies fans but sadly, there is not a separated category of 3D movies has been created by Netflix due to which it took you lot of time to filter the list of 3D movies among thousands of other movies and TV shows.

Finding 3D movies at Netflix is bit difficult as I have mentioned before because there is no separate category for 3D movies has been made by Netflix. So, today, I am sharing the list of 3D movies available on Netflix. But for you get check the list of 3D movies, first you need to make sure that you have facility to watch 3D movies on Netflix.

Many people who has not watched 3D movies before on Netflix may face number of different problems. First of all, you need to make sure that you have 3D TV or the device you are using to watch Netflix supports the 3D movies. Second, if you are not seeing the tag of 3D movies on your Netflix, then you need to upgrade your Netflix application. For 3D movies on Netflix, you need to have high speed internet. You can contact with Netflix support team if you are still facing any problem to play 3D movies on Netflix.

List of 3D movies on Netflix:

Most of the 3D movies on Netflix are animated movies but this also included the comedy and adventure movies. These movies may not be received very good ranking and reviews on IMDb, but trust me, if you are a 3D movies lover then this is a good list of movie to watch where your kids also love them because most of these 3D movies are cartoon based.

  • A Turtle’s Tale : Sammy’s Adventures (2010)
  • Angelo Rules 3D (2010) – TV Series
  • Animals United (2010)
  • Animen: The Galactic Battle (2012)
  • Beowulf (2007)
  • Dino King (2012)
  • Don 2 (2011)
  • Flying Swords of Dragon Gate (2011)
  • Little Brother Big Trouble: A Christmas Adventure (2011)
  • Oscar’s Oasis 3D (2011) – TV Series
  • Pina (2011)
  • Plankton Invasion 3D (2011) – TV Series
  • Sadako 3D (2012)
  • Saving Santa (2013)
  • The Art of Flight (2011)
  • The Hole (2009)
  • Thor: Legend of the Magical Hammer (2011)
  • Tormented (2011)

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