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How To Unblock Netflix

how to unblock netflix
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How to unblock Netflix ?

Netflix is truly game changer who has changed the way of watching movies without renting them and TV shows at once without waiting for whole week when the new episode of a TV show telecast. But sadly, Netflix is not available in most of the countries. It is true that at the beginning of year 2016, Netflix has announced its services in more than 50 new countries but sadly they are not providing you access of all the TV shows and movies which you can watch at Netflix USA.

Netflix in Australia, New Zealand and many European countries like UK, Ireland, Denmark, Germany, Sweden and Germany etc was launched earlier but the people of the countries are still not able to enjoy the full access of the TV shows and latest movies. One of the reason behind the restriction of the access of waste media gallery is the ownership of the content. The most movies companies prefer to allow Netflix to make their movies and TV shows available in America only due to copyright. Where same rule apply in other countries, the people of America will not able to watch UK only copyright content. So, what is the solution?

The term Netflix unblocker is not new, it is there since the launch of Netflix in USA. Many companies start offering you different types of services which make it possible for you to get the complete access of movies and TV shows which can’t be possible to watch with your standard settings even if you are paid user of Netflix and Netflix is already launched in your country.

How Netflix Unblockers Work?

Before we learn how to unblock Netflix in easy steps, first we need to know that how does Netflix unblockers works:

A Netflix unblocker only work if you are able to change your IP address to American IP address. Basically when you change your IP address to America based IP address, Your device got the new identity due to which the Netflix website consider you as an American on the bases of your IP address. There are several ways through which you can change your IP address to US IP address and hide your original IP address to watch Netflix movies and TV shows.

  • Web Browsers extensions
  • Free Proxy to watch Netflix
  • VPN services for Netflix

Let’s take a look on each of these different way to unblock Netflix below:

Web Browsers extortions

There are several web browser extensions are available in all the major web browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome which allow you to 0. These free extension can change your IP address to America or other countries but they affect your internet speed because these extensions are using share based VPN servers which makes your internet very slow. Using Web browsers over VPN services like ExpressVPN is not a good choice to unblock Netflix and watch TV shows there because you will face lot of buffering and loading problem there.

Free Proxy to watch Netflix:

Free proxies use to be a great choice to unblock the Netflix hidden categories but these does not very effective any more due to load of traffic. Free proxies are also not add free, which means that if your are watching a movie through proxy at Netflix, then your screen will be surrounded by lot of ads. Sometime these are forced ads which force you to complete survey etc. The other bid disadvantage of using free proxies over VPN services are the internet speed. Just like web browsers extensions to change IP address, the free web proxies also share internet speed with number of other users at a time. You will face problem of downloading and buffering where watching HD and Ultra HD is almost impossible on free web proxies.

VPN services for Netflix:

Using VPN services is a great way to unblock Netflix because they are premium services which guaranteed you exclusive results. With the help of VPN services like ExpressVPN, you did not just able to hide your IP address, change your IP address, watch Netflix block content free of cost but VPN services also offers you 100% online security and privacy so that you can surf internet or list of movies on Netflix without worries about to get caught by anyone including your internet services providers and government.

Internet is full with companies who are offering VPN services but not all of them are designed to watch Netflix movies and TV shows because it required  minimum 3 MB per second internet connection. So, you need to make sure that you have purchased a reliable VPN services which has ability to play SD, HD and ultra HD quality of movies at Netflix without buffering and loading problem.

ExpressVPN is a great options among all to unblock the Netflix. This company promised you to unblock Netflix America without effecting your internet speed because their all virtual personal network are hosted at very high internet connection all around the world. Specially, their US based VPN servers has the most fastest internet speed. Usually, when you connect your internet with VPN to hide your IP address and watch Netflix, the speed of internet effects but this does not happened in case of ExpressVPN. You got about 95% same speed like your internet connection. For example, if you are receiving 3MB/per on your internet connection without using VPN services then your receiving bites of internet would be almost same on ExpressVPN.

netflix expressvpn

How does ExpressVPN works to unblock Netflix?

To watch Netflix USA, you need to have US based IP address or if you are living in USA and want to watch Netflix UK shows, then you need to change your IP address to UK. ExpressVPN allow you options to change your IP address to any countries. Specially the popular countries like USA, Canada, Australia and UK have multiple IP addresses to watch Netflix. The reason behind multiple IP address is to provide you option, in case if you are not receiving good internet speed on one IP address, then you have always option to switch to other servers without losing your signals of internet.

ExpressVPN works very easily to unblock Netflix. You don’t need to be an expert to learn how to use VPN services to change the IP address

ExpressVPN Voted #1 Best VPN Service on Internet World !

netflix expressvpn

Step 1: Simply purchase one of the suitable package from Netflix. There are currently three different packages are offered by ExpressVPN at the time. Purchase one which suits your need.

Step 2: Once you purchased, simply download their software for your PC or laptop to start their VPN services. You can also download their mobile application to watch Netflix on your mobile phone. The mobile application is available for all the major Smartphone markets like Google Play, iOS and Windows etc.

Step 3: After the installation of software or application, you will able to run the VPN server. Simply run the software

Step 4: Select the country of your choice and then select IP address of your desire country to unblock Netflix.

Step 5: Once your IP address is changed, visit and signup with your account. You can use online payment system like Paypal to pay for Netflix subscription fee. Netflix offer one month of free trial, so don’t forget to take advantage of this offer.

This process may sound bit difficult or complex but these all steps does not take more than few seconds to unblock Netflix and get access of hidden content of Netflix in any part of the world.

netflix expressvpn

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