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How To Cancel Your Netflix Account

cancel netflix account
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How To Cancel Your Netflix Account ?

Netflix is the world popular platform to watch movies and TV shows in very affordable prices as compare to TV cable, Dish and renting DVDs. Netflix works with number of different available devices which includes PC, laptop, tablet, Smartphone, gaming consoles TV, smart TV and blue-ray players. Netflix charged you subscription fee on monthly bases so if you don’t want to continue with Netflix, simply you can remove your credit card, debit card, PayPal or any other source of payment you have entered at the time of registration to pay subscription fee.

There could be number of reasons to cancel your Netflix account. For example, you are going for a vacation for one month, your kids having exams and your want to turn off the TV temporary until their exams finished or you are not very impressed with Netflix services etc. Cancelling Netflix account is not something hard to do. It took less than a minute to cannel your Netflix account.

Step 1: Signup to your Netflix account:

You need to visit and signup to your account by putting your login details. This options works for PC and Laptop users. In case if you are Android or iTune user, then you need to run Netflix application on your mobile devices. Enter your email address and password and click on the continue or sign in button.

Step 2: Visit your account option:

Once you signup, the next step is to click on “Your Account” tab. This option is available on the top right corner of the page. Select this options from the drop down menu. For Smartphone application, you have the same option in your mobile phone.

Step 3: Hit the cancel membership button:

You will see many options in “You Account” section which includes your profile or subscription plans as well. You will also noticed that there is a “Cancel Membership” button on the top of the page under the heading of Membership and Billing heading. To cancel your Netflix account, you need to click on this button.

Step 4: Confirm the cancellation:

On next page, Netflix asked you to confirm if you really want to cancel your Netflix membership or not. If you are sure about your action, then click the complete cancellation button. By pressing this button, your Netflix account will be cancelled.

Step 5: Confirm the email:

Netflix also send you a confirmation email on your email address which is associate with your Netflix account. This email is the proof of your account cancellation.

Once you have cancelled the Netflix account, Netflix will not charge you any money until you restore your monthly subscription. Good news is that, Netflix will save your watched history, recommendation and your queue for up to 10 months free of cost. So, in case if you change your mind and want to rejoin the Netflix within 10 months then you can start your account at what point you leave

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