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Does Netflix have 3D Movies?

3d movies on netflix
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Does Netflix have 3D Movies

If you have ever watched a 3D movie or video in your life then you better know that how amazing its feel. Its feel like you are the part of the movie. The character of movie feels likes watching and speaking in front of you. Today, now almost every new movie also released in 3D version to give more better experience to the viewers. 3D movies are in demand and Netflix understand this. In 2013, they announce to  add 3D movies and TV shows in their media category and after the short time of announcement they bring hundreds of them.

In start, Netflix has added few 3D movies but the massage of time and demand of 3D movies, the Netflix has waste their 3D movies library. Today you can stream a 3D movies on Netflix easily. There is no specific category for 3D movies by Netflix has been added but you can search a 3D movie by searching through their searching. There is a sign of 3D has been mentioned on right corner of 3D movies just like the sign of HD and Ultra HD movies.

Requirements to watch 3D movies on Netflix:

To watch 3D movies on Netflix, you may need to upgrade your TV set and internet connection because 3D movies does not play on old TV sets who does not support the 3D technology while its required the high quality of internet connection to stream 3D movies smoothly. The basic requirements to play 3D shows and movies on Netflix are:

Must have access to Netflix open connect content delivery network:

Internet is the basic requirement of watching movies and TV shows on Netflix. TO play 3D movies your ISP (Internet service provider) must have access to Netflix connect content delivery network. You can contact with internet service provider if their services support Netflix open connect content delivery network or not. If your ISP provides you limited access of Netflix, then contact with Netflix to ask for solution.

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High quality internet connection to watch video smoothly:

As compare to HD and Ultra HD quality of Netflix, you need to have more fast internet connection to watch 3D movies on Netflix. The recomanded bandwith is between 6 Mbps to 12 Mbps where the more is better. The people with slow internet connection can still watch 3D movies and TV shows on Netflix but they may have skipping, pausing and buffering issues, which means the movie will not play smoothly.

A TV set which support 3D technology:

Not all TV set can play 3D movies and video. So, make sure that you have a TV set which support the 3D technology. Your TV must be smart and support Netflix application so you can play the 3D movies through HDMI connection and Blue ray disc player. In short that the 3D movies and TV shows at Netflix won’t play on your old TV set at all.

That’s the only requirements to play and watch 3D movies on Netflix

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