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6 Best Basketball Movies on Netflix

coach carter netflix
Written by ahmadmasry

6 Best Basketball Movies on Netflix

Sports movies are always fun to watch not for only those who like to watch sports but for others too because it has motivation, comedy, emotion and spirit to win the game. Following I am sharing the top six basketball movies to watch on Netflix

1 – The Iran Job (2012)

the iran job 2012 netflix

Don’t judge this movie by its name. If you like to watch a sport movie which has more than just sport, then The Iran Job is the best choice to watch. This basketball movie is only available to American Netflix viewers which is the story of a professional basketball player, Kevin Sheppard who is an American and signed to play in Iranian team of basketball along with three Iranian women who are fighting for social revolution at the same time. This movie has so much to watch other than just basketball game. The music of this movie has been composed by Iranian musician Shahin Najafi and other Iranian composer where the movie languages are English and Persian with English subtitles.

2 – Coach Carter (2005)

coach carter netflix

I don’t know how did you missed this movie. Coach Carter is a master piece and best basketball movie ever made. It is based on a true story of a basketball team who lost their match due to poor grades in exams. The role of Coach Carter has been performed by Samuel L. Jackson, who does not just joined the school to teach his students how to play basketball but also improve their academic record to qualify for the finals. Coach Carter is available on Netflix Australia, Canada and US.

3 – The Winning Season (2010)

the winning season 2010

This movie is available on Netflix America only. The movie does not got enough positive reviews but this movie has everything to watch. It is a comedy movie which shows the story of divorced dad who has been hired as coach of a girls basketball team by his friend who is the principle of the same school. The movie has comedy, basketball spirit and emotion. You should not missed The Winning Season if you are looking for an entertainment basketball movie with great cast.

4 – The Other Dream Team (2012)

the other dream team

The Other Dream Team is documentary  movie which is based on the story of Lithuania national basketball team. This documentary movie does not only focused on the story of basketball team but also shows the fall of the Soviet Union due to which the team qualify for Olympics. The movie is known as one of the best basketball movie of the world due to its strong story line.

5 – Hoop Dreams (1994)

hoop dreams 1994

A vintage movie based on African American basketball team who dream to join the professional basketball team of America. It is a documentary movie which covered the story of two basketball players who are also school going students and phase many physical hindrances. The movie is available on US Netflix, Canada Netflix and Australia Netflix.

6 – 30 for 30: Benji (2012)

benji 2012

It is one of the best basketball movie to watch on Netflix US. It is a another great basketball documentary movie which revolve around the story of a teenage boy who was murdered a day before his senior season.

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